Everything is Under Control

This week was a rough one. Microsoft decided to push out January’s regular Windows Updates, but there was a surprise that nobody expected. They broke certain networking features that many clients depend on. In doing so, it caused Help Desks all over to light up with calls and users all over experienced downtime while those … Read more

Does your MSP need a coach

Does your MPS need a business coach

I will start this post with a bit of history about myself and my career. For the past many moons, I spent my time driving all over God’s creation helping anyone that needed help with their computers. The entire time barely getting by, living on credit cards, and ultimately learning that working harder does not … Read more

Microsoft Updates Breaking File Shares

CNP Techs Windows Update Alert

Last nights Windows Updates are breaking Windows 7 and Server 2008r2 file shares all over town today. Turns out a security update KB4480970 has to be removed and then the file shares start working again. I discovered the problem first hand, and by removing the KB, I was able to access the file shares again.