Does your MSP need a coach

I will start this post with a bit of history about myself and my career. For the past many moons, I spent my time driving all over God's creation helping anyone that needed help with their computers. The entire time barely getting by, living on credit cards, and ultimately learning that working harder does not equate to working better. I barely slept. I gained a ton of weight. I missed many events that I wish I had not.

Then the bottom dropped out and I realized that what did I truly have? A bunch of clients that were simply using me as their ER computer doctor. As long as I answered their calls and fixed their immediate needs, they were happy. But I was slowly dying without knowing it.

I decided I needed a change. I was running a semi-successful Break Fix (B/F) company, but not helping clients with their technology needs, and certainly not doing what I felt I should be doing. So I started a change. I started working with other MSPs, learning different styles and methods, trying out every tool I could find, testing every backup system that would give me a free trial.

In the end, I spent thousands of dollars, travelled the nation numerous times, and met some fabulous people that I respect for their dedication to our industry. I revamped my business, created a business that has recurring revenue, and learned how to grow my "baby."

After realizing there are others just like me, struggling to launch or go to the next level, I started a coaching program for how to run an effective MSP. I am helping small computer shops that want to take the leap into the MSP arena achieve their goals.

I offer one on one coaching, and peer group coaching as well.

Contact me today if you are interested -- Kurt

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