VCIO Services

Rely on the expertise of our certified technology professionals to drive your business forward.




Ensure that your technology plan is aligned with your business strategy and budget.

CNP provides executive-level advice and consultation, without the executive-level salary. We act as your virtual Chief Information Officer to help you assess your IT needs, and analyze both where you are and where you should be. Our experts can design and implement a plan that addresses your business goals while meeting your budget.




Strategic Planning

We can map out a plan to manage technology upgrades and expansions as your business grows.




Budget Planning

We can develop a predictable IT budget to meet your short- and long-term goals.


Business Continuity

We can design and implement a plan to keep you up-and-running in the event of a disaster or interruption in operations.



Project Management

We can coordinate the planning, logistics, and implementation of any IT project.


Quarterly Business Reviews

We can regularly analyze the ever-evolving opportunities for—and threats to—your IT strategy.




Annual Risk Assessments

We can identify risk areas and eliminate threats to the security of your data and applications.